Staff of Shenzhen Truer IP Study the Newly- Revised Guidelines for Examination

The introduction lecture to Guidelines for Examination was organized by the State Intellectual Property Office and executed by the Intellectual Property Office of Guangdong Province in Guangzhou City from August 16, 2006 to August 18. 2006. Instructed by the Intellectual Property Office of Shenzhen City, Mr. Peng JiaĄŻen, the deputy general manager of our firm, was sent to study the introduction.

 The revision of the Guidelines for Examination relates to many aspects which are important to both agents and applicants. To understand the essence of the revision deeply and protect the benefits of applicants duly, after the return of Peng JiaĄŻen, Truer promptly organized another lecture to introduce all the staff (including the attorney department and the flow department) the revision again and extend wide discussion about the sensitive issues of the revision. ItĄŻs believed that attorneys and flow operators can provide applicants comprehensive patent agent service by this study.

ItĄŻs quite important to study duly the revision of the Guidelines for Examination; however, studying the Guidelines for Examination thoroughly is time-consuming and impossible due to the preciousness of time, besides, itĄŻs also difficult to master the key revision. To make it convenient for clients and fellow agents to study rapidly the revision, our firm offers the relevant materials of the key revision for free. Interested clients and attorneys are welcomed to come to our office or contact telephone: 0755-88858128 for the materials.