Many Leaders of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office Successively Visited Shenzhen Truer IP and Guided the Operation


 On 15th January when Shenzhen Truer IP moved to the new office, Mr Xiao JIeˇŻan and Mr Wang Yan, deputy directors-general of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office, called at the new office of Shenzhen Truer IP and guided the operation. Before and after the day, Mr. Gong Fuxing (director ¨Cgeneral of Patent Section), Mr. Lan Hanglin (director-general of Law Affair Section), Mr. Zhang Kanghua (director-general of Shenzhen Branch of SIPO), Mr. Deng Hanfan(chairman of Committee of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Research and chairman of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Judging Authority ) , Mr. Xu Zuotang (secretary-general of Shenzhen Patent Agent Association) and Ms. Tu Yan (deputy secretary-general of Shenzhen Patent Agent Association) separately visited Shenzhen Truer IP and gave some guidance.

Mr. Jiang Yaochun separately reported the basic circumstance of the operation of the firm to Mr. Xiao, Mr. Wang and other leaders, and thanked the leading department of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office for their support and guidance. All staff will be closely united and struggle together to improve the service continuously in the coming new year. They will strength the cooperation and link with domestic as well as foreign relevant organizations, regard the quality of service as the basis of the development of agencies, and contribute more to the patent cause of Shenzhen and China.

                                                                                                                                                 January 31, 2007