Mr. Zhu, the Deputy Director¨CGeneral of Intellectual Property Office of Guangdong Province, and some other leaders Visited Shenzhen Truer IP and Guided the Operation


Mr. Zhu Wanchang (the deputy director¨Cgeneral of Intellectual Property Office of Guangdong Province), Ms. Xiehong (the director of Coordination and Management Section) and other two leaders, accompanied by Mr. Wang Yan(deputy directors-general of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office), Mr Gong Fuxing (director ¨Cgeneral of Patent Section), and Mr. Lan Hangling (director-general of Law Affair Section) , visited the new office of Shenzhen Truer IP and guided the operation. Mr. Jiang Yaochun reported the basic circumstance of the operation of the firm to Mr. Zhu, Mr. Wang and other leaders, and offered some suggestion on the training of patent agents.

                                                                                                                                                   February 5, 2007