Truer Awarded Excellent Patent Agent


Truer IP s general manager Mr. Jiang Yaochun, attended the Shenzhen IP system work seminar and was honored to received the Excellent Patent Agent of 2006 Tablet awarded by Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Government, Mr Liu Yingli on Feb 8, 2007

From the beginning of the new year, in line with the requirements of enhancing the developments of patent agent in the Guidelines of Shenzhen IP Strategy, Shenzhen IP Bureau started to evaluate the excellent patent agents, with the aim of regulating the managent of IP agents, improving their professional ability and service level and making them to be larger and stronger to provide companies with high quality, efficient, complete IP service. The main criteria includes : measurable criteria, such as, number of patent prosecution, number of prosecution of patent for invention, number of prosecution of international patent, number of prosecution of PCT application, staff as well as size, and the comprehensive criteria given by the companies on service level and quality of prosecution. Truer IP, holding firmly the notion that Quality and Efficient work , Client First , made a figure from many participants with its precise, practical, and high quality professional services, and won the Excellent Patent Agent Award.

 Feb 9, 2007