Partner Yu Shangwei's and Patent Attorney Wang Rui's Papers Included in Selected Papers of the first IP Forum

The All-China Patent Attorneys Association held the first IP Forum under the ACPAA Symposium 2010 in Beijing on Apr. 1, with the purpose of vitalizing the academic atmosphere in the patent agency industry and facilitating the improvement of patent attorneys' theoretical and business capacities. The forum's theme was "enforcing our national IP strategy promotes patent agency development", and included the following sessions: "how patent attorneys play their proactive role in the enforcement of our national IP strategy", "business exchange between patent attorneys and patent examiners", "corporate strategy for IP protection (in combination with actual cases)", "judicial protection for patent rights and rights preservation overseas (in combination with actual cases)", and "the impact of the latest change in international IP system upon patent agencies and the solutions thereto."

Our company's partner Yu Shangwei and our patent attorney Wang Rui respectively submitted to the forum two papers titled "Some Ideas Generated from the Independence of Practicing Patent Attorneys as Expression of Intentions" and "Conclusion or Deduction: A Brief Analysis of the Way to Author Patent Documents", which have been included in the Selected Papers by the Secretariat of ACPAA for reference to other patent attorneys. Our company contributed more papers than any other patent agencies in South China.