Partner Yu Shangwei's Paper Published on NAIP

The 12th issue (Jun. 10) of North America Intellectual Property (NAIP), sponsored by NAIP Co., Ltd., a U.S. patent agency that is the most automated worldwide and the largest in Taiwan, published as its first Selected Theme column a paper titled "Some Ideas Generated from the Independence of Practicing Patent Attorneys as Expression of Intentions", authored by Yu Shangwei, our company's partner and an experienced practicing patent attorney. The editor added a note as follows: "the article helps readers learn about the professional role that attorneys play in patent protection by explaining patent attorneys' duties, differences from other confusingly similar jobs, as well as presenting good and bad examples of patent application authoring. Mr. Yu Shangwei, among the earliest-qualified practicing patent attorneys in China, is experienced in patent protection practice. This paper offers quite a lot of tips to readers concerning how to work with attorneys and judging what the best patent protection plan is." (Source: