Nanchang Branch Office of China Truer IP Participates in SIPO Training on Pilot Project of Building Capacity for Patent Agencies

The SIPO held a training class on Building Capacity for Patent Agencies in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province from July 20 to 22 with the purpose of further facilitating the building capacity for patent attorneys. A number of divisional heads and examiners from the examination departments of the SIPO Patent Administration were appointed as lecturers, and their lessons covered interpretation of key articles of law in relation to document writing and documentation practices. The lecturers presented a technical clarification template for patent agencies' reference based on the philosophy that the technical clarification is the basic material for attorneys to learn the fundamental information of the invention, to understand the intention of inventors, and to document the application, and will have considerable impact on the quality of the writing of the patent application. They also indicated that the form and content of the template might vary, depending on the technical sector and the extent to which the inventor cognizes the patent. Furthermore, the lecturers gave detailed answers to the trainees' questions arising from the exercise.

Head of our Nanchang branch office Yu Shangwei (partner) participated in the training and was cognizant of the role of the training class in promoting the building of patent attorneys' capabilities.