Three Truer Employees Pass Patent Attorney Qualification Examination

The qualifying score for the patent attorney qualification examination was officially announced on Dec. 21, 2011, and three employees of Truer passed this examination. They will be issued the Patent Attorney Certificate by the SIPO in the first half of 2012. These new patent attorneys will further enhance the patent attorney team of Truer and can help Truer provide domestic and foreign applicants with better, comprehensive, whole-process, high quality, and efficient intellectual property services.

This year, the pass rate for the patent attorney qualification examination is 75%, and the rate has never fallen below 50% in previous years. The high pass rate comes from employees' own persistent efforts as well as systematic and effective training provided by Truer.

Since its establishment, Truer has cultivated many excellent patent attorneys. Truer has regularly provided internal training for patent attorney assistants targeted for the qualification examination, and has meanwhile provided a variety of internal and external training opportunities for every employee. Truer has also held external training about improving the capability to write patent documents. Truer will continue in its commitment to build its intellectual property talent team.