Truer Holds European Patent and Trademark Strategy Seminar and Workshop

The European Patent and Trademark Strategy Seminar and Workshop, hosted by Shenzhen IP Administration, undertaken by Shenzhen Patent Association, and co-organized by China Truer IP and Beetz & Partner, was held at the Sichuan Hotel in Shenzhen on Nov. 15 and 16, 2012. Representatives of enterprises and public institutes, as well as attorneys from IP agencies, participated in the seminar and workshop.

Dr. Michael Thesen (a partner of Beetz & Partner), practicing lawyer Ms. Petra Kotsch, and patent engineer Ms. Li Xiaolu were invited to speak about strategies adopted during patent and trademark application and enforcement in Europe, including "analysis of the recent case law regarding the clarity, novelty, creativity, and practicality in patent document writing", "cost saving strategy for patent application in Europe", "trademark application strategy in Europe", and "enforcement of trademark rights in Europe". To offer more practical experience, an additional European Patent Document Writing Workshop was conducted, in which Dr. Michael Thesen shared European patent document writing skills and thoroughly explained and analyzed cases, effectively improving participants' capabilities in European patent document writing. Lectures in this activity were conducted both in English and Chinese to better facilitate understanding. Ms. Li Xiaolu, who has an overseas educational background and extensive practical experience, served as the interpreter, and provided clear, accurate interpretation of key points, making the activity beneficial and worthwhile.