China Truer IP Holds a Lecture on How to Apply for Large Numbers of High-value Patents from Scratch

On the afternoon of Dec. 5, 2012, a lecture with the theme of "how to apply for large numbers of high-value patents from scratch" was held at the Sichuan Hotel in Shenzhen. The lecture was hosted by Shenzhen IP Administration, co-organized by the Shenzhen Patent Association, and undertaken by China Truer IP.












To better serve enterprises and scientific research institutes in Shenzhen and to provide IP industry peers with more opportunities to exchange experiences, the lecture was primarily offered to relevant professionals working for enterprises, scientific research institutes, and agencies in Shenzhen. Hundreds of people, including representatives of enterprises and institutes as well as attorneys from IP agencies, actively participated in the lecture and discussion. At the end of the lecture, most participants felt it was too short but so fruitful and amazingly beneficial. Some enterprises even suggested that the lecture be converted into corporate training, and many participants also advised and requested governmental departments and Truer to organize more helpful and valuable lectures of this type.












Mr. Jiang Yaochun, the General Manager of China Truer IP, was invited to speak on "how to apply for broadly-protected and easy-to-license patents and how to create high-value patents". In this brilliant speech, Mr. Jiang cited practical cases. He started with the "functional analysis for patent application drafting" and the "visualization of patent mining" and made the audience more thoroughly understand and master these two methods through explaining "two steps of functional analysis for patent application drafting", "practical application and effects of functional analysis", "visualization of patent mining", "invention with only one line of words", "invention depicting the future from potential awareness" and "operative procedures and conference organization of patent visualization" with examples. He also discussed value- extracting and innovative methods, patent mining, patent layout, and patent operation, which greatly enhanced the participants' knowledge on these topics.