Over Ten Thousand Criminal Cases of IP Infringement
March 18, 2015 Www. Legadaily.Com.Cn - Legal Daily

Www. Legadaily.Com.Cn, Beijing, March 18, Reporter Zhou Bin. Reporter learned from the 2014 Annual Report of the Work of the People's Court (White Paper) released today by the Supreme People's Court that last year, 10,803 criminal cases of first instance involving IP infringement were concluded by courts of the country, and judgments for13,904 people became legally effective, which effectively punished and deterred criminal acts of intellectual property infringement.

The Supreme People's Court concluded two cases involving unfair competition and monopoly between QIHU 360 Company and Tencent Company, which was of milestone significance for the optimal allocation of market resources and the orderly competition in the field of Internet. 94,501 IP civil cases of first instance were concluded, fully indicating the role of civil trial as the main channel in the protection of intellectual property. 4,887 IP administrative cases of first instance were concluded, which standardized IP administrative acts and protected the legitimate rights and interests of the administrative counterpart.