Documents and information required for trademark registration

1. One Power of Attorney signed by the applicant (company chop needed for
Chinese entity applicant)
2. Name and address of the applicant in both English and Chinese;
􀂂 Where the applicant already has a Chinese translation of its name/address,
such must be provided. If it does not have a Chinese name/address, this firm
shall make a translation or transliteration for it.
3. Copy of personal identification card; copy of business license for company or
legal entity qualification certificate of association or other type organization
(foreign company or organization does not need this document);
4. 10 pieces of specimen of the trademark, of which the length and breadth shall not
exceed 10cm, or less than 5cm. If colour of the trademark is claimed, 10 pieces of
the specimen in the colour with accompaniment of 2 pieces in black and white
should be provided;
5. Specification of goods/services (China adopts International Classification of
Goods & Services);
􀂂 Goods/services should be listed on item-by-item basis since class heading and
too general description of goods is not acceptable;
6. Claiming Conventional Priority
􀂂 Priority declaration must be made at the time of the filling;
􀂂 Priority document must be certified by the competent authority of the country
in which the trademark was first filed;
􀂂 Priority certification document may be filed at a later date, but no later than
three months from the actual filing date of the application.
7. Special supporting materials
a) where the trademark is a portrait: notarized letter of consent from the person
of the portrait is required;
b) where it is a collective trademark: business license of the applicant; The
Administrative Regulations on Use of Collective Mark and name and address
of the collective organization (if other than those of the applicant) are
c) where it is a certification trademark: business license of the applicant; The
Administrative Regulations on Use of Certification Mark and Certification
issued by the pertinent Government department concerned testifying that the
applicant has the ability of testing and supervising the qualities of the said
goods/services are required.