Shangwei YU

  • Partner,Registered Patent Agent(Practising certificate number:4422305696.1), National Intellectual Property Strategical Expert

    A full range of patent services providing in expertise areas of Mechanism, Material, Chemistry, Physic and Electricity; Patent infringement analysis; Prior art search.
    Graduated from wireless physics department of college of military and telecom engineering, major in theory of communication.
    Chinese Patent Agent Qualification, 1985
    Prior to joining TRUER in 2004, Mr. Yu got the qualification of deputy researcher in 1987; he was enrolled into the expert group of National Intellectual Property Strategy planning by the IP Strategy leading team of the State Intellectual Property in 2005. He had wide and rich work experience at various kinds of organizations such as being the director of Jiangxi patent service center, being the consultant in Nanchang patent law office, to be a teacher in the major of theory of communication, a researcher in science and technology institute and an engineer in a wireless equipment factory.
    Engaged with IP industry for decades, he has extensive experience in the practice, from patent search, analysis, drafting, prosecution to handling litigation of all kinds of Chinese patent applications, specializing in providing one-stop services based on assisting applicants to determine the key innovation points, facilitating clients with a convenient, fast, high-quality and efficient way. He is familiar with a wide range of areas of expertise, especially engineering technology, specializing in machinery, new materials, chemical, physical, and electrical and other technical fields.
    Numerous articles of him had been published in well-known publications. His masterpiece, a lengthy report has been selected into the Selected Papers Collection by the ACPAA at the first IP Forum in 2010, and also been published in the online edition of the North American Intellectual Property News.
    Chinese and English